Thursday, 16 May 2013

Edition Project Outcome

My riso design produced for the Edition project. Inspired by the rows on rows of preserved snakes during our museum visit to Oxford, in particular the double headed (presumably mutant) one. There may once have been a more substantial idea behind the work but it ended up being about what I thought might make a good print. I tried to create a contrast between the twisting forms of the multitudinous snakes against the static, repeated shapes in the background. To this effect, I tried to embolden them though the application of grey tonal markers. This was my version of the image prior to manipulating it to translate successfully for the three colour print. I had difficulty recreating the grey so I ended up tinting the image a kind of yellow and rendering what would have been grey as green which I thought suited the reptilian creatures. It was also chosen in imitation of the preservative fluid that the snakes were submerged in. I also played around with the textures, which to my typically technology killing self worked out surprisingly well. Also, I feel the need to say that I really love snakes.

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