Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Comic Project - Final Outcome

Aside from the robot and the monster undergoing redesigns, there was very little in the way of deviation from the initial storyboards. Just a few modifications to make some story beats more emphatic. Like the scientists expectations of the robot shrinking with the panels on the left hand side of the second page. And the happy rainbow in the final panel of the story. Having said that, the fourth page wasn't planned before the final week of the project. But it might be my favourite. Because it was so action based, without each panel telling something important, I felt like I could loosen the compositions of the panels to make the page a bit more dynamic and playful. At first the robot had more of a cutesy Astro Boy style design, before becoming a more Frankenstein monster (which worked better for the unexpected nice deeds), so I was very surprised when after completing my first storyboard, I looked in the Osamu Tezuka book in the library and found that the scene of Astro Boy's birth was very very similar to my first page. So I thought I must have been doing something okay...

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