Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Comic Project - Final Outcome

Aside from the robot and the monster undergoing redesigns, there was very little in the way of deviation from the initial storyboards. Just a few modifications to make some story beats more emphatic. Like the scientists expectations of the robot shrinking with the panels on the left hand side of the second page. And the happy rainbow in the final panel of the story. Having said that, the fourth page wasn't planned before the final week of the project. But it might be my favourite. Because it was so action based, without each panel telling something important, I felt like I could loosen the compositions of the panels to make the page a bit more dynamic and playful. At first the robot had more of a cutesy Astro Boy style design, before becoming a more Frankenstein monster (which worked better for the unexpected nice deeds), so I was very surprised when after completing my first storyboard, I looked in the Osamu Tezuka book in the library and found that the scene of Astro Boy's birth was very very similar to my first page. So I thought I must have been doing something okay...

Friday, 17 May 2013

Brave New World Inspirations

Mostly relating to the Lenina working in the hatchery. The second image was always going to be less literal and more exaggerated so there was a little more freedom there. The third image I was merely without the time to really develop. The last image, from the Akira manga, was more about when I was conceptualising the world as a whole. The nursery for the elderly children in Akira was kind of summoned up in my mind when I read the book and I was quite interested in emphasising the infantilization of the inhabitants of the Brave New World. I also began planning their outfits to seem a bit like the onesies worn by newborns because they reiterated this same effect while simultaneously appearing rather futuristic.

Brave New World Project Images + Cover

I have absolutely no idea how but I wasn't introduced to the actual brief until a week before the deadline. I was just continuing on with the primer and conceptualising the world under the impression that BNW was what would be used to make up the narrative project. As such, I didn't get to plan out the compositions as much as I would have liked. Nevertheless I quite like the first 2. Especially the second. Thanks to Frederico Tam for unifying my cover images for me, devoid as I am of photoshop.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Paperweight Zine - Apocalypse Issue Submission

My contribution to the second Paperweight zine. In contrast to the first submission I may have gone too far with the toner. Generally I find it very difficult to discern what it is that has influenced and informed my work. And although I don't believe I consciously emulated their works, while uploading this I have managed to think of images by perhaps my two favourite artists that it bears resemblance too. The second image is from Eiichiro Oda's series One Piece. My favourite series by far. A distant and still very very beloved second being Neon Genesis Evangelion. The third image is the iconic logo created by Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy fame. Far from being an example of his best work, or even best series logo, the fiery meteor is nevertheless indelibly burned into my memory.

Edition Project Outcome

My riso design produced for the Edition project. Inspired by the rows on rows of preserved snakes during our museum visit to Oxford, in particular the double headed (presumably mutant) one. There may once have been a more substantial idea behind the work but it ended up being about what I thought might make a good print. I tried to create a contrast between the twisting forms of the multitudinous snakes against the static, repeated shapes in the background. To this effect, I tried to embolden them though the application of grey tonal markers. This was my version of the image prior to manipulating it to translate successfully for the three colour print. I had difficulty recreating the grey so I ended up tinting the image a kind of yellow and rendering what would have been grey as green which I thought suited the reptilian creatures. It was also chosen in imitation of the preservative fluid that the snakes were submerged in. I also played around with the textures, which to my typically technology killing self worked out surprisingly well. Also, I feel the need to say that I really love snakes.

Editorial Project Outcome

My creations for the editorial project. I can't remember precisely what phrases in particular I chose to respond to from the given text but they generally pertained to ideas of isolation, alienation and the unfamiliar. Using the leftovers photocopies of the patterns we created to produce images that attempted to represent certain words, I created these images as my outcome. I hoped to communicate the confusion and disconnection felt by the individual in the brief. I feel that it has some success in doing so but perhaps no as well as it could have. Unfortunately, I had almost run out of sheets of patterns, otherwise I might have tried to make a larger, more defined image.

Reportage Project Outcome

My outcome for the Editorial project, where we investigated the concept of inequality within the area of Tower Hamlets. I had noticed that a great many places within the area were made inaccessible to the public, separated by all manner of fencing, barriers and scaffold. This concept, combined and contrasted with the clean grandeur of Canary Wharf, protected by it's private security, led to this shape of the One Canada Square tower formed of defined against a surface built up of different physical restrictions I had recorded.

Paperweight Zine - Halloween Issue Submission

After a long while I can seemingly finally upload files again so from around Halloween time is this, a contribution to my class' zine. The Halloween issue naturally, and our first (of two). Just a simple, fun image done in between our actual briefs. I wasn't sure exactly how they were printing it, whether 'black-and-white' precluded the use of grey scale. Had i known I probably would have used tonal markers on the piece but oh well. Hopefully the idea is clear, monsters dressing up as monsters.