Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Manifesto Project

The direction our group decided upon for this brief was the idea of an outsider providing our society's manifesto through observation, a concept that we utilized in recognition of the unwillingness of our characters to contact the outside world in order to preserve the precarious food chain from our video.

I contributed pages relating to the weather, the seasons and a diagram of the food chain that had informed much of our development. The forboding weather was another element intended to incite fear of visiting the island our creatures lived on while the seasons showed the link between my creature and the state of the island itself. I somewhat regret not including a similar image relating to the weather, portraying my creature incensed by the intruder's presence on the island.

Overall very fun and interesting work, with a sucessful final product. Scanning these images in i liked the blurring effect that occured around the pages, making them appear like hastily taken photographs, but it was impossible to control the effect to make it a cohesive aesthetic image to image.