Saturday, 2 June 2012

2. I married the postcard image with this collage because it seemed to show a sort of hustle-bustle of activity that one would expect in the city while the replendence of its colours linked nicely with the third postcard, especially considering how closely related the visuals of the collages were between them.
1. My first postcard of my series chronicling some of the life and most of the death of artist Ray Johnson. I worked on postcards as Johnson became reknowned for his mailart. Had I more time I would have liked to have sent them to people with his 'please add to and pass on' message attached. As it is, I tried to link together the imagery of postcards with the collages (the collage approach was another choice inspired by his own artistic methodology, in addition to the use of red upon predominantly monochrome visuals) however tenuously. In this instance, I attached the term 'vacant' to college vacancies.

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