Sunday, 22 January 2012

Woman In Black

For the first of my 3 images i had the tree inclined over Arthur to try and make the Woman in Black appear more imposing, while also suggesting her subtle and malevolent influence on the story.

In the second image i also added a silhouette of the Woman in Black atop the balcony of the house, in an attempt to mimic the oppressive shadow she exerts over the characters and the story in general.

While i largely sought to retain the cold and bleakness apparent in some of the landscapes we observed in Camber Sands, in the third image i had a slab of bright red cut across the page, in order to emulate the shock of when Arthur Kipps enters the formerly locked room.

Across the three images, i attempted to have elements of colour transitioning between the three images in sequence, the dreary washed out grey of the sky in the first image infecting the clouds of the second; the drab colour of the Woman in Black's attire flowing into the water in which the horses drown, while the chilly violet hue of the marsh's mist intensifies and becomes more somber in the final image of the forlorn nursery.

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