Sunday, 22 January 2012

Overall i am quite pleased with my narrative, what it depicted was easily interpreted and the story and visuals were found entertaining. I found it interesting, experimenting with elements like colour within a narrative context, leaving the early pages inside a building largely devoid of colour, and unleashing it when the robot makes his journey out side, simulating its joy and wonder at the discovery.

Similarly, colour informed character, the robot's eyes possess small neon stripes of blue even before he escapes the lab, signifying his liveliness and personality, yet simultaneously separating him from the people saturated in red. Beyond this, the saleswoman's appearance and temperament are mediated, unlike the instinctive crowd (and later mob) as is signified by the stripes on her clothes and plain skin.

There are several elements that i would like to have been able to approach more carefully, some of the visual devises such as the one that appears at the bottom of page 7, and the displays of emotion as appear on page 8 and 9, had i had more time.

I'm also interested in eventually binding the story and possibly adding an introductory page to smooth the storytelling process.

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